Setting up your Medical Center

Your resort Medical Center size depends on the total amount of people (staff and guests) in your place and on how remote you are located.

The Medical Centers usually consist of a small to medium sized house with at least an entrance/waiting area, one consultation room, one treatment room, one ward room (1 or 2 bed) and optional in scuba diving facilities one room with hyperbaric chamber (all with aircon). It doesn’t matter if you don’t have appropriate housing yet.

We provide you with a list with basic equipment of reasonable expenses you can order with our assistance. Special equipment can be ordered on demand later or is brought by our doctors.

In order to keep track of medication and other supply, we need at least one local employee who is willing and qualified to assist our doctors and be our first line contact person.

The doctors we are scheduling for a vacation at your destination need to be allowed to practise by your local health authorities.

For further information or discussion of your local preconditions please do not hesitate to contact us.