What we provide

German Doctor Service all year around and 24/7 for your hotel,
resort, island or ship.

  • 24h emergency availability of a German Doctor and daily consultation hours plus full blistered pharmacy, other services (e.g. gynecology and dental service) on demand on a regular basis.
  • High standard emergency care and professional medical care for tourists, staff and others.
  • Competence in Diving Medicine and Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment at resorts with scuba diving centers.
  • Professional cooperation with management, diving center and other facilities.
  • Reasonable costs due to limited guest status instead of salary for our doctors.
  • Reliable long term relationship, ensuring easy access problem solving of all medical and diving related issues.
  • Provide significant medical safety to your guests and let them feel safe as well!


The staff were amazing and dealt with this so quickly – and then called the room quite a few times throughout the next day or two, to make sure that everything was fine.

I did visit the medical centre to get some antihistamine cream and they were also very professional and dealt with my problem accordingly.

We also had to deal with a small medical issue whilst there, so had to use the medical centre. The staff there were easy to deal with and one in particular went out of his way to collect our medicine from Male to avoid us travelling there.

What makes this resort different to anywhere else we have ever stayed is the staff. You will never meet such friendly, efficient, caring, hardworking people who go out of their way to look after you and make your stay a very pleasant one. I became ill one evening during our stay and had to be rushed to the medicalcentre. The doctor and staff at the centre were fantastic.

Had to see the lady doctor who was really lovely. Medical centre has good facilities including a hyperbaric chamber.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us.

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